Real Estate

Real estate law encompasses a wide variety of topics including mortgage foreclosures, landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, real estate purchase and lease agreements, easements, property deeds and investment properties. Our attorneys have a well-earned reputation of successfully assisting clients with all types of real estate matters. Our clients include banks, homeowners, landlords and entrepreneurs purchasing investment properties.

Mortgage Foreclosures

Our attorneys are skilled in handling mortgage banking foreclosure issues such as the origination of the loan, the foreclosure process, eviction, and the disposal of the reclaimed real estate owned properties.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes and Evictions

If your tenant is not complying with the terms of the lease or rental agreement, we can assist you with the legal steps required to address the issues or begin an eviction action or tenancy termination.

Purchase and Lease Agreements

At Bell and Robinson LLC, we can provide legal counsel and summarize the terms of your agreement into a formal contract as well as ensure that the necessary provisions are outlined in the contract.


Affirmative easements are the most common easement. They grant usage rights of land owned by others. Negative easements are more restrictive as they limit how land is used.

Property Deeds

The transfer of real estate requires a real estate deed. This is a legal document that allows the legal transfer for real estate of ownership rights to another. A mistakenly drafted deed can create significant implications and consequences. Our attorneys will discuss the various types of deeds with you and determine the appropriate deed according to your specific situation.

Investment Properties

We can help you ensure that proper procedures are followed to help you maximize your profits and minimize your risks during the acquisition or sale of property.