At Bell and Robinson LLC, we will advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities and provide an overview of the entire adoption process through finalization. We have had the privilege of assisting many families each year in adopting children into their homes and lives. This area of practice is one of our most rewarding as we offer families the comfort and assurance that the adoption process will be handled with diligence and professionalism. We represent families in Reno County and central Kansas in adult, agency, independent and stepparent adoptions.

Adoption is the process of establishing a legal parent-child relationship between an adult and another person. Adoption creates a formal connection that extends to all areas of life, including inheritance rights. Every adoption journey follows its own path, and potential adoptive families have a variety of reasons for pursuing adoption.

Adult Adoption

Adult adoptions are more common than ever. There are a variety of reasons for an adult adoption, including formalizing the parent-child relationship between two people as well as inheritance issues. The consent of the person being adopted and the person willing to adopt are the only consents necessary.

Agency Adoption

Unfortunately, in some cases the court determines that reunification with the biological parents is not in the child’s best interest. The parents’ rights may be relinquished voluntarily or terminated involuntarily. Once a child’s birth parents’ rights are terminated, the child is legally eligible for adoption. Additionally, the adoptive family may qualify for adoption subsidies through the state. We can assist you through the agency adoption process including working with you to be sure you receive any financial benefits you may be eligible for.

Independent Adoptions

An independent adoption, also known as a private adoption, occurs when the birth parents voluntarily place a child for adoption. In this type of adoption, the birth parents select the adoptive parents and allow for direct placement of the child with the adoptive parents. We will provide you with the supportive legal guidance you need to make the best decisions for your family.

Stepparent Adoption

We can guide you through the process of taking the important step to officially become mom or dad to your spouse’s child. The child’s other parent must consent to terminate their parental rights, or the court must terminate their parental rights. If the other parent does not consent to the adoption, we can petition the court to terminate parental rights based on whether he or she has provided financial support or kept in contact with the child for the past two years.