Other Civil Matters

Our attorneys are very experienced in the process of legal name changes, mechanics liens or quiet title actions. We know your time is valuable and will review your specific needs to ensure your legal needs are met in a timely manner.

Legal Name Change

Changing your name does not have to be difficult. Whether it be an adult name change or changing your minor child’s name, we can handle the legal formalities required in the name change procedure.

Mechanics Lien

A mechanics lien reserves an individual’s rights to seek compensation for nonpayment by the person that contracted them to do work. The lien is attached to the property’s public records. In Kansas, general contractors, or parties with direct contracts with the property owners, must file a mechanics lien within four months of the date they last furnished labor or services to a project. Subcontractors and other parties with no direct contract with the owner must file a mechanics lien within three months of the date they last furnished labor or services to a project.

Quiet Title Action

A quiet title action is intended to confirm or clarify the rightful ownership to a car, motorcycle, travel trailer, or manufactured home. If you have applied for a title with the Division of Motor Vehicles, you may find there is an issue with the title that needs to be corrected. This may be a missing signature on the title and the initial owner cannot be located or maybe a vehicle was abandoned. There are several title issues that can arise requiring a quiet title action to fix the problem.