We represent individuals and businesses in a variety of civil matters. Our attorneys have experience in business formations, contract law, limited action lawsuits and financial disputes. Our clients range from individuals that are owed money, to banks and small and large businesses. We are proficient in contract law and financial disputes, providing cost-efficient representation to our clients.

Business Formations

We understand how important starting a new business is to you. Our attorneys at Bell and Robinson LLC, will help you understand the differences between various types of business organizations and guide you through your business formation process to determine the best organizational structure for your needs. This includes proprietorships, corporations, limited liability corporations and 501(c)(3).


Contracts involve agreements between two or more persons, which creates an obligation to do or not do a particular thing. Contracts can be complicated and require certain elements to be enforceable by law. Whether you are needing to create a commercial contract or dispute a breach of contract, our attorneys can assist you.

Financial Disputes

Financial disputes can arise in private and business matters. This could be a dispute with another business or individual, or in relation to your organization. Our attorneys can work with you to resolve your financial disputes as quickly as possible.

Limited Action Lawsuits

A limited action lawsuit is a court action that seeks recovery or compensation for an amount less than or equal to the amount specified by the applicable law. To learn about what our attorneys can do for you, contact us today.